How Sunless Tanning Technology was Perfected

With all the promotional hype nowadays about how certain companies have invented a revolutionary way of sunless tanning, the real truth about its history has been lost. Do we call these companies as the pioneers for sunless tanning technology or are they merely innovators who added their own ingredients in perfecting the technology for their own specific purposes? Well, it’s really more like the latter.

In reality, the first sunless tanning lotion was introduced to the market in the 1960s. QT or Quick Tanning Lotion was created by Coppertone to address the demands for a safer and easier way to tan. A television commercial showing a girl and a boy dancing to a catchy tune that says “You get a quick tan with QT! A double tan you see! It tans you anytime, rain or shine, when you use QT!” successfully created an advertising hype for the first ever sunless tanning lotion. (You can watch the video here However, the media hype immediately subsided as consumers saw that not only did QT not give them an even and smooth tan that becomes deeper when exposed to the sun’s rays, as the commercial claimed, but it also gave them an embarrassingly orange-ish complexion. This ended the production of the first ever sunless tanning lotion.

Now, like most products, sunless tanning technology emerged again as an answer to the demands of a growing consumer market. During the 1980s, when rumors were flying about that too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and too many sessions under indoor tanning beds and lamps can cause skin cancer, the demand for sunless tanning technology rose. Naturally, people were afraid of developing cancer that they tended to look for alternatives to tanning. This was the time when beauty companies came out with a better and more effective sunless tanning lotion. Various companies capitalized on this high demand and production of sunless tanning lotions increased. As the supply increased, the prices also went down, making the product more accessible to the public as it is more affordable.

Dish Network Solves Television Equipment Problems

When you shop around for a new television service provider, you probably don’t give a lot of thought to the extra equipment the you might need in order to take advantage of your new TV service. You’re probably more concerned with the type of TV that you have and finding the right programming package to complement your lifestyle and stay within your budget. There are several reasons why you’ll need extra equipment to get television programming on your TV though. For one thing, most of the newer television sets, at least the high definition ones, don’t come with built in tuners. That means that whether you get your TV programming from a satellite TV provider, a cable TV provider, or just off of the airwaves, you’re going to need additional equipment. If you have an older standard definition TV set, chances are you’ll also need a special converter box to view over the air TV programming after stations switch over the digital television format in 2009. If you subscribe to a cable TV or satellite TV service you’ll need a special receiver because both encrypt their programming in order to prevent theft by non subscribers. The receiver boxes can decode the programming so that it can be viewed on your TV. Fortunately, Dish Network can put all of these concerns to rest because it provides a satellite receiver at no extra cost to its subscribers with every programming package.

There are actually a variety of Dish Network satellite receivers that you could end up with if you get a Dish Network programming package. The basic receiver is the Dish 301 model. The Dish 301 can handle hundreds of channels of standard definition television programming and all of the basic Dish Network software like the Dish Interactive Program Guide, Parental Control Locks, favorites lists, and has on screen Caller ID capability, but doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles. The Dish 301 is the basic programming package that you’ll get if you have a standard definition television programming package that you plan to enjoy on a single TV and don’t ask for any extra features.

If you still just have a standard definition programming package and don’t want any extra features, but you plan to watch your programming package on more than one TV, you’ll probably be given the Dish 322. In addition to the features of the Dish 301, the Dish 322 can send separate television programming to a second television located elsewhere in the house at the same time that it provides television programming to the primary TV located in your living room. That way two people can watch different programming on different TV’s at the same time with only one receiver.

Samsung M8800 Beautiful Gadget

Samsung M8800 is a stylish and feature packed mobile phone that operates on the user friendly interface of touchwiz. It integrates 8 MP camera that has various significant options for the enhancement of picture quality such as geo tagging, face recognition, wide dynamic range and much augmented shake reduction function. Most fascinatingly, one can also take this handset as a mobile gaming phone as various exciting games have been installed with tremendous gaming options.

Major features of Samsung M8800 Standard battery of lithium ion is integrated in the gadget that with the storage capacity of about 1000 mAH promises longer life. This battery, over 3G networks renders the talk time of 120 minutes while on 2G networks, the total talk time delivered is of 430 minutes. In standby mode, the device can run up to 310 hours in 2G networks and for 280 hours over 3 G network. Manufactured on bar type form factor, it supports the pixel resolution of about 107 x 54 x 13 mm.The finishing of black colors looks really cool when beholding in hands. It incorporates a standard 3.2 inches TFT display screen that implements the resolution of 240 x 400 pixels for rendering outstanding quality for displaying images.

The internal memory is of 200 mega bytes that can store unlimited contact numbers, files and fields.Moreover, the users can also enhance the memory area by introducing the external memory card in the space provided for that. Thus, one is provided with the significant opportunity to store more photographs and video clips. The integrated camera also enables to record videos of some wonderful moments in QVGA as well as WVGA display at the rate of 120 fps and 30 frames per second respectively.To ensure fast data transmission and quick connectivity among various compatible units, the major technologies incorporated in this decent and modish handset are GPRS class 10, EDGE class 10, HSDPA at the rate of 7.2 mbps and microUSB for directing the data transfer between the gadget and pc or laptop.

How to Test Cisco Catalyst Switches

We assessed the Cisco Catalyst 4500 with tests of functionality, performance and Ethernet energy efficiency. The performance tests used the Spirent TestCenter test instrument to measure layer-2 unicast throughput and latency; layer-3 throughput and latency, with separate IPv4 and IPv6 tests; layer-2 multicast throughput and latency; layer-2 MAC address capacity; and in-service software upgrades and downgrades (ISSU/ISSD). All tests used version of Ciscos IOS-XE software (with a .80 release for the ISSU test) and version 3.62 of Spirent TestCenter software.

During all performance tests, the Sifos PowerSync analyzer drew maximum power of 60 watts at each of 24 switch ports in a single module. There was no impact on switch throughput or latency from the power draw, as evidenced by virtually identical performance for streams on ports with and without power over Ethernet.

We assessed UPoE functionality in two ways: First, by using the Sifos analyzer to draw 60 watts concurrently on 24 switch ports, and second, by attaching various devices to the switch. These devices included a Cisco 9971 phone with embedded thin-client computer; a Samsung SyncMaster NC220 23-inch monitor; and a BT ITS.Netrix “turret phone.”

Computer Safety Rules

Do computers interest you? Have you ever just had the urge to open one’s case and mess around with it? This is natural as they are very intriguing machines, and they are all around us. Sometimes it is hard to get through a full day without using a computer at some point in the day. But if you are dealing with computer hardware, precaution is necessary in
order to keep yourself and your computer’s components safe. There are some procedures that are recommended when removing and installing parts. Just like any other machine, there are always dangers when working with one. Here is a list of some computer safety rules to keep in mind.

1) Wear an anti-static wrist strap when handling a computer’s internal parts. Snap it around your wrist and connect the clip to a metal area of the computer case. This grounds you so that harmful electricity will not transfer between your hand and the parts you touch. Even fairly small amounts of electricity can cause costly damages to your machine.

2)Turn off and unplug the computer before working on it. This may be obvious to some, however, it is very important. Not only could you damage the components, but you could also injure yourself. So turn it off, unplug it, and then push the on button to allow any stored electricity to dissipate.

Achieve Sales Breakthrough with Sleight of Mouth NLP

More and more salespersons are turning towards NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming for help with getting advancements in their sales volume.

When others sees Neuro linguistic programming so as to develop improved relationship with their potential customers, some others are in reality trying to get guidance on how they may tackle and conquer sales objections a lot more effectively.

Some sales experts mentioned that it normally requires nine “Nos” to realize 1 “Yes” and that “curse” seems to stick onto several salespersons similar to superglue as long as they are able to remember.

android pc tablet – The All Purpose Gadget!

This is the gadget that everyone would like to buy. It is loaded with all the features that a pc provides you this is the reason it is called tablet pc. In the category of android pc tablet the product is music tablet 2.1 which has all the features like fast internet surfing, quick emailing, touch screen of high grade sensors, listening to music of your choice, watching HD movies and a platform of android 2.1 would surely attract you. >

Downloading has become fun with this android pc tablet 2.1, just attach a TF card and download whatever you want to store in your tablet pc. Other features of this android pc tablet are a RAM of 256 MB, 600 MHz speed of processor, a port for USB, a slot for TF card, jack for DC and a jack for earphone. This android pc tablet has a webcam of 0.3 MP. WIFI connectivity is also there for high speed of web browsing.

Li-ion battery is used in this android pc tablet that allows you maximum 4 hours of usage time. This tablet pc contains android 2.1 operating system by this you can store huge amount of application from its online market. It has 7 inches touch screen with the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.